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What is genetic diversity?
Why is it important?

How to conserve genetic diversity


seed zones map
Seed Source Matters when you plant a tree.


Butternut Landowner's Resource Guide

PDF Butternut Landowner Guide (877 KB, PDF)

butternut Guide


Butternut Information for Landowners

PDF Butternut Info for Landowners (147 KB, PDF)


Butternut Canker Info

PDF Butternut Canker Info (415 KB, PDF)



Report Your Butternut Trees

Please consider reporting your butternut trees to the FGCA
PDF Download Reporting Form - (PDF)


Seeking Native Butternut Seeds

We are always looking for seed from healthy native trees - But how can you tell if yours is native or not? This note can help you determine if your tree is a native butternut by showing you what is NOT native.
PDF Download Distinguishing Non-Native Butternut - (PDF)


Planting Butternut

Many people want to plant butternuts but it takes planning to do well - this note can help
PDF Download Planting Butternut - (PDF)

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